You May Actually Have Bad Dating Habits, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We all destroy our relationships in different ways; some individuals overthink and obsess over problems that do not yet exist. Some people will follow their hearts into any toxic, muddy sea. Some people anticipate too much too soon. Some people give too little, too slowly. Some people cannot accept their partners as they are. Some people cannot accept themselves for who they are and are constantly looking for themselves in others.

Here are some things you should quit doing in relationships based on your zodiac sign if you want to have a happy, healthy relationship that lasts.

Taurus: Difficulties

You are strong and stable as a fixed sign. However, this might come at a cost because you can be overly stubborn in relationships and expect to always get your way. Your ideal partner is willing to go along with your plan, but even the most adaptive partner will have demands and desire a say in the relationship at times. Make room for others to speak up, and do so from a place of love and compassion rather than duty.

Aries: Impatience

You are fun and fiery, but you can also be impatient and impetuous, which may lead to terrible judgments and push good things away. You like to be in control at all times and attempt to force things to happen rather than letting them happen.

Relationships cannot be forced in this way. It will simply come across as overly powerful and overwhelming. Stop trying to control every element of your life and start trusting that everything will turn out as it should.

Non-committal Gemini

You’re entertaining, inquisitive, and lively, but you may also be difficult to pin down. Your partner may be unsure of where they stand with you. Your ever-changing mind may also make it difficult for you to truly know.

You’re out there looking for a new high, a new excitement, and you need to learn how to just be. Your impulsive energy can be entertaining, but it can also come across as noncommittal and flaky, making it harder for your relationships to progress. Slow down and give others more space.

Leo: Overbearing

You are extremely loyal, which is your strength, but it can also be a flaw when it crosses the line into becoming overpowering. At your best, you are adoring and generous; at your worst, you may be possessive and jealous.

Cancer: Falling in love with a perfect match

You adore the concept of love. You are naturally loving and warm, and you are designed for relationships, but you run the risk of falling in love with someone’s idea rather than the actual person. You long for unconditional affection and acceptance and will cling to anyone who shows you even a glimmer of it.

You may have a mental image of who this person is and what they will do for you. You may fall into this trap because you feel incomplete without a relationship. Work on your sense of worth and self-esteem so that you can perceive your relationships through a more objective lens.

Libra: Conflict avoidance

Nobody enjoys arguing, especially a Libra! You work hard to keep peace and harmony in your relationships, which is admirable! Healthy spouses, on the other hand, disagree. And disputes serve a good purpose:

they allow you to work toward a resolution, enhancing your sense of contentment inside the partnership and ensuring that both people’s needs are addressed. If you strive to keep the peace at all times, resentment will grow and poison your connection.

Virgo: Criticism

The more you get to know someone, the more open you are about your “observations,” which are really euphemisms for critiques. Your heart is in the right place; you are not malicious; you simply want to help! But it won’t make your lover any happier; instead, it will irritate and make you dislike him or her. Try to balance your “observations” with lots of praise and affirmation, and only “observe” when absolutely necessary and if it would benefit your spouse.

Scorpio: Being overly critical

To put it bluntly, Scorpios have a reputation for being cold and harsh (and being blunt is a significant Scorpio attribute). However, that is not who you are at heart. Deep down, you are kind and empathetic, yet you keep those parts hidden behind a stern veneer.

Your harshness in relationships can cause a lot of problems and wounded feelings. When speaking with your lover, try to be more compassionate. You can say whatever you want; just soften your delivery.

Capricorn: Impossibly high expectations

You try to be the greatest and, to some extent, expect the same from others. You want your partner to have a strong work ethic, to always look their best, and to be constantly striving. But keep in mind that not everyone is wired the same way you are, and not everyone has the same priorities.

And sometimes someone’s best may not appear to be much to you because your drive is unrivaled. Learn to be patient with the people in your life and recognize that we all have various talents and flaws. We are not all wired the same way, which is what makes relationships so fascinating and has the potential for tremendous growth.

Sagittarius: Problems with commitment

The problem with Sagittarius is that they are so easy to deceive. They are entertaining, charming, daring, and captivating. They don’t want to be tied down, which makes them even more desirable.

You desire affection and closeness, but you also desire freedom. You can have both. Stop damaging yourself by subjecting others to unreasonable standards they will never meet. A little structure and stability will improve your life and provide you with the enhanced experience you’ve been looking for.

Aquarius: Emotional separation

You’re interesting and unusual, but also a little mysterious, and you like it that way. While you are not required to give your entire self away in a relationship, your emotional guardedness can make it difficult for others to connect with you. Even though this is what you desire, it can leave you feeling alone and lonely at times. Not everything needs to be rationalized. Allow your heart to lead the way and lean into your emotions a little more.

Pisces: Interdependence

You love deeply and passionately, but maybe a little too passionately. You put yourself and your needs aside for the sake of your relationships. This can lead to unhealthy relationships in which one person takes advantage of you and drains you dry.

You may also become too clingy and codependent in your relationships, which rarely ends well. When it comes to relationships, try to maintain a calm and steady pace. Turn down the volume on your heart and activate a little more of it to avoid getting into a bad situation.