What To Plant In Your Garden Based On Zodiac Sign

If you already have a garden or are planning to start one, you may be wondering what to plant. Use this as a reference to get some ideas for great plants to cultivate in your yard. Summer is going to be beautiful and fragrant!


Tauruses are all about comfort, beauty, and the pleasures of life. Lavender would be an excellent plant for a Taurus. Lavender not only looks lovely, but it also smells sweet and earthy. Plant your lavender in the broad sun, with some afternoon shade if possible, to help it thrive. Once it begins to bloom, you can use some of the lavender in your cooking and baking.


Growing roses would be a good flower for an Aries to plant because they are bright, bold, and sometimes a little bit extra. They can bite if you aren’t careful, yet they produce some of the most beautiful blossoms. Roses require a little extra love and attention, which will present Aries with an unusual challenge. Plant your roses in well-drained soil in usually sunny locations, and they should thrive.


Geminis are attractive, colorful, and intelligent. They can also be prickly, which is why coneflowers are a great plant for a Gemini to grow in their garden. Many pollinators, including bees and butterflies, are drawn to coneflowers. They also come in a range of lovely colors. Plant them in full sun and watch as a slew of insects descend on your yard.


Cancers are recognized for their sensitivity and sweetness. Daisy is an excellent flower for a Cancer to plant because it is sweet, simple, and attractive. Daisy plants prefer full sun but can also thrive in partial shade. They love to spread their vivid green leaves, so make sure they have plenty of room to flourish. This low-maintenance plant will thrive in the garden of a Cancer.


Irises are an excellent flower to plant as a Virgo because they are known to be dependable, patient, and compassionate. Irises appear yearly with little fanfare, but when they bloom, they are gorgeous and sweet. They are a simple flower that requires some sun but will grow in partial shade. A Virgo’s garden should include a variety of irises.


Leos are noted for their boldness and brightness. Sunflowers are the appropriate flower to plant in Leo’s garden because they are dominated by the sun. Plant a few tiny sunflowers in flower pots or in a sunny place in the flower bed. Sunflowers are likely to lift everyone’s spirits when they see them, which we know Leos are amazing at.


Because Libras are renowned to be lovers of beauty, romance, and charm, the peony is an excellent flower to grow in a Libra’s garden. Peonies are lovely and charming flowers that would look lovely in any garden. Plant them in well-drained soil in a sunny location. They will be radiant, exactly like a Libra.


Scorpios are noted for their darkness while still being passionate, warm, and emotional. A beautiful, shade-loving hydrangea would be ideal for Scorpio. They prefer shade, although a little sun is OK. Hydrangeas are also a little enigmatic in that their colors can change depending on the acidity of the soil. On those hot days, give them enough water and they should look like an enchantment in the garden.


Poppies are an excellent plant for Sagittarius to add to their garden because they are a bit of a free spirit, brave, and warm. Poppies are vibrant blooms that sway in the breeze. They thrive in the sun and grow wild. Poppies are relatively simple to grow and require little maintenance, requiring only daily watering and exposure to sunlight. Sagittarius, enjoy those lovely, bold blooms.


Capricorns are the movers and shakers of the zodiac. They, like Zinnias, are hardworking and consistent. The zinnia flower is a lovely, brightly colored bloom that grows swiftly. Because insects adore them, they make an excellent addition to any butterfly or pollinator garden. They add color to any garden and require little maintenance. Give zinnias a sunny area to thrive and plenty of water, and they’ll bloom.


are inventive, sensitive, and bright, making dahlias an excellent flower to grow in the garden. Dahlias are symbols of love and beauty. They develop into huge, colorful flowers that require plenty of sunlight, particularly in the morning. These lovely flowers would be ideal for a Pisces garden.


Aquarians are gregarious, intelligent, and intellectual, and they would most likely love growing clematis in their yard. The clematis flower is a vining vine that produces beautiful star-shaped purple blossoms. They thrive when grown on a trellis, fence, or wrapped around a tree. Clematis, like Aquarians, like to share their love with the community by spreading their beauty and weaving it throughout the yard.