What Kind Of Energy Do You Give Off Based On The Month You Were Born

January: Contagious Energy

Just because it’s chilly outside doesn’t mean people aren’t drawn to you because of your warm demeanor. You enjoy meeting new people and are always supportive of their initiatives, no matter how big or small they appear to be. Optimism is part of your charm, and when people realize how far you’ve come in life, they automatically follow your lead. This excitement spreads to others around them, and they radiate joy wherever they go.

February: Free-spirited Energy

You’ll have an excuse to be everyone’s favorite rebel because February is the shortest month. You thrive on independence in your life, and anything that could lead to you feeling trapped is something you avoid. Some may perceive this as selfish; nevertheless, this is not the case. People born in February will not be swayed by the ideas or desires of others. Because of their brilliance and love of abstract thinking, they are such a free-spirited individual and anything that would detour them will be quickly removed from their lives.

March: Positive Energy

Because spring is a time for new beginnings, it’s fitting that persons born in March have such a successful track record. People born in March may want to bottle up their emotions because they do not want to “inconvenience” their loved ones. People born in March rarely panic in the most difficult conditions. Instead, you’ll find people taking a constructive approach to problem solving and bringing it to any disagreement that develops.

April: Focused Energy

It’s not for nothing that they say April showers bring May blossoms! Due to their alert nature, people born in April have a talent for seeing events that could jeopardize their intentions. It could be their tenacity that keeps them focused, because why needs anyone’s advice when they’re so successful? When you’re in their presence, it signifies business. They desire profound thought and discussion to lead to action.

May: Golden Retriever Energy

Someone born in May exudes positivity. Everyone wishes to be their buddy, and they, in turn, wish to be their friend! There’s something about having a sense of security around them because it allows them to build incredibly personal ties. We all live delightful, carefree lives, and this is where folks born in May have it difficult. Any interruption to their positive energy can send them spiraling.

June: Chaotic Energy

June babies keep everyone on their toes. Indecisive is the simplest way to express it to a friend, but from the outside, it could appear to be a cyclone of turmoil. Their appeal, on the other hand, is contagious. Those born in June have limitless vitality, which might be overwhelming to someone who is more reserved.

July: BDE 

July babies are born with a unique energy that can only be characterized in one manner. a lot of d*ck energy. It has everything to do with their self-assurance. July babies exude self-assurance and have a natural ability to experience life without having to prove themselves to others. They are on a quest to do big things in their lives, which is why they have a vast group of fans on their side.

August: Reluctant Energy

Those born in August would describe themselves as selective rather than standoffish. They live their lives to the fullest, thus FOMO isn’t an issue for them. People born in August tend to be reserved and don’t feel the need to seek out and make new acquaintances. They’re absolutely content with their friends since their little circles make them feel right at home.

September: Refreshing Energy

Nobody despises disagreement more than a September baby. September babies have a propensity to be people pleasers who attempt to keep their cool in any situation. A person born in September strives to find delight in every little thing, which often leads to long-term success. Their energy is contagious, and people will flock to them as a one-man support group, which everyone requires from time to time.

October: Eeyore Energy 

October babies are analytical thinkers. This does not imply that they are generally pessimistic people, but every decision made by someone born in October will be carefully considered. When others cry out in frustration, they usually take it in stride. Someone born in October has the ability to perceive all probable future hurdles, no matter how slowly they arrive at that decision.

November: Adventurous Energy

Someone born in November does not fit into any single social group and follows their own beat. Those born in November understand that nothing is perfect the first time and that errors provide the best lessons. Because of their propensity to flourish in large group settings and their desire to keep the party going and everyone else on their toes, they often make friends from every encounter they have had in their lives.

December: Welcoming Energy 

People born in December naturally attract others into their lives because that is what they are looking for. Those born in December excel at taking the time to recognize that we are all here on this planet together, so let’s make the most of it. They see the good in everyone and will take the effort to recognize and share something positive about someone. They prefer to feel involved in life, and they would never want someone to feel left out.