What Kind of BFF Are You Based on Your Birth Month


This girl plans like Blair Waldorf and parties like Serena van der Woodsen. She landed her ideal job just after graduating from college. When she’s dating, she’s really dating; she’s got a couple of guys on the go. When she is taken, she is the ideal wifey. This girl is unstoppable.

She is a goal-oriented person who has no time for nonsense. She can have the perfect dinner party while also getting blackout drunk and tossed out of the bar on the same night—this happens pretty frequently. She wants to make the most of life, so she works hard and plays even harder. She isn’t one to make decisions; she manages to juggle everything. (How do we know this? However, she does.)

January is the first month of the year, and it represents desire and change. The January BFF is alive and well right now. For her, “someday” is not an option; time is of the essence. While this girl is mostly superwoman, she can also be a walking contradiction.

She might be your ideal partner in crime one minute and then go missing for weeks the next. It’s not her fault; she simply puts herself over her friends, as most goal-oriented individuals do. It’s not that she doesn’t care. She is simply ignorant that her short actions can sometimes be interpreted as selfish rather than busy. We’re all busy, but we still need one another.


This girl appears to have her head in the clouds, but she is very aware of what she is doing. She is not one to brag; rather, she is modest. Some people may misinterpret her well-roundedness for flightiness. While she appears to be “all over the place,” she is actually quite deliberate.

She is the enigmatic friend we can never figure out. No matter how long we’ve known her, she can always keep us wondering. We can’t quite put our finger on what it is about the February friend. She exudes effortlessness in the greatest manner possible. She is intelligent without trying too much. She is loyal without being labeled. She is at ease with stillness. She is subtle because she never feels the need to exaggerate.


March babies are artistic, dramatic, kind, innocent, and dreamers. You have all this creativity and passion, but your inability to focus is your undoing. It is not because you are not concentrated enough; in fact, the reverse is true. You’re concentrating on the wrong things. Your emotions have a tendency to take precedence over your rationality.

You place far too much emphasis on what others think of you. In actuality, those folks are unimportant. You’re making yourself sick for no cause. It’s not that your feelings are unwarranted, but you could save yourself a lot of tears if you learned to care less. People do not think about you as much as you believe. Do not give them this unneeded influence over you.

The March bestie is the person from whom you have 5 missed calls during your lunch break but who also goes on an impromptu trip without notifying anyone. With the March BFF, it’s all or nothing. They are driven by emotions and thrive on instinct. They are your crazy best friend who is helping you stalk your ex and the girl you can cry to at 3 a.m. This girl has layers like an onion.


Nothing is more unexpected than the April bestie. They are as serious as Annalise Keating one minute and smiling by your side the next. This girl is a lot of fun, but don’t let her sense of humor fool you – she is no laughing matter. She is very enthusiastic about her principles and adheres to them. She will not sacrifice her ideals for anyone, but she is not judgmental. She is the ideal friend to get counsel from. April BFF might not always give you what you want to hear, but she also does not condemn or slut-shame you.

April babies are extremely powerful. They are not the type to mince words. They know exactly what they want and when they want it. This friend does not dwell on the past. They stand up and move on. The April BFF is your motivator to kick your own butt! Their stark honesty can be frightening at times, but you know they are the living embodiment of what is real.


This gal is constantly on the other end of the phone, listening to your never-ending male drama. The May friend is always your first contact, whether you need a study partner, a sushi lunch date, or simply want to split a bottle of wine because it’s Wednesday. This friend is usually upbeat and considerate. Even she has limits when it comes to you. She can only tell you so many times that the guy you’re dating isn’t right for you. Even when she informs you that you’re incorrect, she never stops listening.

May’s friend can be stubborn, but it’s out of love, not pride. With the May friend, everything is always done with good intentions. She is a strong, hardworking friend, and it shows in all aspects of her life. Her never-say-die attitude makes her a success both in business and in her personal life. She believes strongly in communication and will always try to talk things out.


This girl is the life of the party, making the most of her time. She always snaps photos, always gets drunk, and always vanishes. She represents inquiry. She is captivated by new experiences and desires to enjoy life to the fullest. She is constantly willing to try new things, but she is not regarded as Miss Reliable. She is a romantic, not a realist. While she is full of energy, she can occasionally bite off more than she can chew. June’s pal has a wide range of interests. There are only so many hours in a day, no matter how much she wants to dedicate to everything.

The June gal is a jack of all trades; she wears various hats and masquerades. She is difficult to read since she is always shifting. Every day is a new experience. Every day is a fresh start. With the June BFF, there is never a dull moment. She serves as both your confidante and your retreat. She is as lovely as she is complicated. Remember that nothing easy is worth it.


You have a strong intuition, but you prefer to keep it to yourself. You can read people better than they can imagine. You can be mysterious, yet you are also incredibly sincere. Because you do not scream for attention, some people may mistake you for being shy. You are not inherently shy; rather, you are not obnoxious. You prefer who you prefer. If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.

You are pleasant to everyone, but you have a wicked sense of humor. Your go-to defense technique is sarcasm. Some individuals may not understand you all of the time, which can be annoying. While you may throw a temper tantrum now and then, you generally know better. Your calm temperament is frequently misunderstood with innocence, yet it is omniscient.


You are a hopeless romantic with a smile that lights up any room (and you know it). You have the confidence of the head cheerleader, but the self-esteem of the theater club’s understudy. You’re amusing, but you don’t laugh when the joke is on you. You can dish it out, but you can’t always take it, August girl.

You are the ideal addition to any gathering. You have no fear. You are not scared to explore new things or to venture outside of your comfort zone. You are kind and generous. You are not frightened to express yourself. Your huge ego, on the other hand, tends to mask your insecurity. The August BFF acts as though she is the girl everyone wants, putting herself on a pedestal. “She’s so lucky, she’s a star, but she cries,” Britney Spears once stated.

While your assurance is overwhelming, there is a brooding artist within you who desires more than what is visible. This girl is constantly at odds with her pride and her heart. She appears to be the most composed; she won’t admit it, but she cries alone in the toilet. Her personality has two opposing sides. Everyone relies on her, but she isn’t sure who to rely on. She is the first to offer assistance, but the last to accept it.


September is Blair Wardolf if January is Serena van der Woodsen. The chief planner/scheduler. You were a private investigator in another life, and you have an exceptional memory. You crave and require control. When something in your life isn’t working, you refuse to accept it. As B would say, plausible deniability. You should not be concerned if your love life has recently gone up in flames.

You travel to Paris, land your dream job, and transform into the superwoman you’ve always wanted to be. When someone in your life goes missing, you immediately fill the vacuum with something or someone else. Usually, you divert your attention with activity, rather than dwelling and mourning. You see everything as a game, and you always win (but you already knew that).

Your “games” can come across as childish and obstinate. However, you are self-aware and already know this. You, on the other hand, are too set in your ways to change. An aging dog cannot be taught new tricks. Why modify something that is already perfect?

The September BFF is cautious and calculated. While her manner might be chilly at times, she is really compassionate. She may have skeletons in her closet, but she is not heartless. She hides secrets, but she also follows through on her promises.


This young lady has been cursed with a lucky charm. She never plans ahead because she has never had to. She isn’t much of a planner. She follows the wind and believes in fate. It will happen if it is meant to be. She does not believe in manipulating fate. The October girl is always the one who “gets it” without even trying. With her natural beach-wavy hair, she glides through life effortlessly. She may not always know what she wants, but she is very clear about what she does not want.

Many people mistake her hippie nature for carelessness. The October girl is not thoughtless; she is really passionate; she simply chooses not to be stressed. She enjoys her imagination because the real world can be a horrible place. She exemplifies the phrase “If you believe it, it will happen.” Her slogan is “mind over matter.” The October girl believes in positive energy and allowing the cosmos to take its course.


The outside is a hard shell, while the inside is squishy and mushy. This chick can put on a show like no other. She goes in as if she owns the place, yet her confidence is shaky. She can’t live without the approbation of others. She holds herself to incredibly high standards and is far from lazy. The higher she raises the bar, though, the greater her fall.

The November girl works harder than anyone else, and she makes it clear that her efforts are not in vain. While she may be the best friend you’ve ever had, she will constantly remind you of everything she has ever done for you. She is very honest to the point of being offensive. Her humility is not her strongest suit. Patience is not one of her virtues.

The most terrifying aspect of the November friend is that they are always correct. It’s as if they have a sixth sense or something. They can read people better than they can read themselves. Their social awareness is both remarkable and terrifying. November’s pal is highly motivated. Their aspirations and expectations are so high that every slight deviation creates a black cloud about them.

November’s pal has the most aggressive offense and the most delicate defense. Their arrogant attitude stems from insecurity, not arrogance. When they are disappointed, they use blunt truth insults as a defensive strategy. Their hidden sensitivity is their saving grace, but they are constantly attempting to disguise it.

The November friend is riddled with inconsistencies. They are by far the most demanding, yet they are also the most sympathetic. This girl can sit and listen to your worries for months on end and never get tired of it. She is constantly interested, helpful, and truthful. Even when it doesn’t appear so, the November BFF is always trying to help.


Hating you is the same as hating a puppy. You’re constantly late and steal our favorite heels like a little sister, but your grin spreads like wildfire. Even when we’re meant to be upset with you, you always make us smile. You’re entertaining while being trustworthy. You despise commitment, yet we know we can still rely on you. The December friend can talk their way out of any situation.

They are always the first ones to get invited to a party. Girls want to be your best friend, and guys want to date you. The most refreshing aspect of the December BFF is her humility. She will always desire attention, but she will never request it. She won’t brag about anything because she doesn’t need to. The December friend is not self-conscious and has nothing to prove to anyone. She understands who she is and doesn’t care whether or not you like her. Ironically, it is her “I do what I want, I am not sorry” attitude that makes the December friend so appealing.

Sorry, but the December pal has won us all over in the twinkling of an eye. However, because she is the most sought-after BFF, she tends to overbook herself. “I can do it,” she says (but not really…), “three parties in one night.” You had been duped by your December friend till now; she is not perfect; she is a liar. She makes promises she rarely keeps, and she always gets away with it. She’s dangerous because you always forgive her.