Winter Rose Care: 7 Essential Tips

Understanding your hardiness zone is crucial for winter rose care. Zones 1-6 require extra protection from harsh winter winds and bitter cold, while zones 7-13 need minimal extra care.

Know Your Zone

Keep your roses well-watered until the first freeze. Stop fertilizing in August to prevent tender new growth that could be damaged by winter cold.

Pre-Winter Preparation

Prune after dormancy to prepare roses for winter. Remove anything diseased, dead, or dying to help your plant focus on new blooms.

Pruning Time

After pruning, remove all fallen leaves, canes, and other debris from your rose beds to prevent fungal issues or pests from overwintering.

Clean Up is Crucial

Mulch provides a stable temperature and retains moisture through the winter. Options include shredded leaves, pine needles, or wood chips.

Mulching for Winter

For extreme winter weather, consider wrapping the plant in burlap, using rose collars, or burying the rose in a trench.

Protection for Harsh Winters

Remove winter protection in spring, after the risk of possible spring frosts has passed. This allows your roses to wake up and start blooming.

Removing Winter Protection

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