Why Dogs Eat Poop ?

Coprophagia, or poop-eating, is a behavior seen in dogs for various reasons.


Dogs may eat poop due to nursing instincts, inherited behaviors from wolves, or because the poop of other animals contains beneficial nutrients.


If a dog is eating their own or another dog's poop, it could be due to attention-seeking, illness, anxiety, or fear of punishment for accidents.

Abnormal Reasons

If a dog eats poop to get your attention, it's crucial to not reinforce this behavior. Instead, use positive reinforcement to encourage alternative behaviors.


If a dog begins eating poop along with showing symptoms of illness, it's important to consult a veterinarian.

Health Issues

Dogs may eat their own poop when anxious, especially if confined. Addressing the source of anxiety and providing enrichment activities can help reduce this behavior.


To stop a dog from eating poop, use positive reinforcement, restrict access to poop, and consider using coprophagic supplements.

Stopping Coprophagia

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