Why Dogs Eat Grass ?

Many theories exist about why dogs eat grass. Some believe it's to induce vomiting or signal an upset stomach, while others think it's to supplement a missing nutrient.


Some scientists speculate that eating grass is an instinctive behavior inherited from wolf ancestors. Wild canids have also been observed to eat grass.


Some dogs may eat grass to supplement a dietary deficiency. Once provided with adequate fiber in their diet, the grass-eating behavior may stop.

Missing Nutrient

Some research suggests that eating grass is normal dog behavior and is not indicative of an underlying illness.

Dog Behavior

Younger dogs often explore with their mouths and may eat grass out of curiosity. Some dogs may eat grass to gain attention from their pet parents.


Studies suggest that dogs do not eat grass to induce vomiting. Only a small percentage of dogs vomit after eating grass.

Dogs Vomit

Grass can contain pesticides or be contaminated by droppings from other animals, posing risks to dogs. Always ensure the grass your dog eats is safe.

Safety Risks

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