Why Do Puppies Eat Poop?

Coprophagia is the medical term for the behavior of eating poop. It is a common behavior in puppies, but it can also occur in adult dogs.


Some of the most common reasons include: Nutritional deficiency: Puppies who are not getting enough nutrients in their diet may eat poop to try to get the nutrients they need.


There are several Reasons why puppies eat poop. Boredom: Puppies who are bored may eat poop to entertain themselves.

Why do ?

There are several things you can do to stop your puppy from eating poop: Make sure your puppy is getting enough nutrients in their diet.

How to stop 

If your puppy does eat poop, there are a few things you can do:Do not punish your puppy. Punishment will only make your puppy afraid of you and may make the behavior worse.

What to do?

The best way to prevent your puppy from eating poop is to:Provide your puppy with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. Clean up poop immediately.


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