Why Do Dogs Roll in Poop?

Dogs roll in poop for a variety of reasons, including to: Mark their territory Mask their scent Enjoy the smell Get attention Self-soothe


Dogs roll in poop to mark their territory. They do this by depositing their own scent on the poop, which tells other dogs that this area belongs to them.

Marking Territory

Dogs also roll in poop to mask their scent. This is especially common in dogs that have been hunting or playing in the woods. By rolling in poop.

Masking Scent

Some dogs simply enjoy the smell of poop. This may be because they find it stimulating or because they associate it with positive experiences, such as hunting or playing.

Enjoying Smell

In some cases, dogs roll in poop to get attention. They may do this if they are bored, neglected, or if they are trying to get their owner's attention.

Getting Attention

Some dogs roll in poop as a way of self-soothing. This may be especially common in dogs that are stressed or anxious.


There are a few things you can do to prevent your dog from rolling in poop: Pick up poop immediately after your dog goes to the bathroom.

How to Prevent?

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