Why Do Dogs Eat Dirt?

Dogs eat dirt for a variety of reasons, including: Nutritional deficiencies Boredom Medical conditions

Eat Dirt

There are some risks associated with this behavior, including: Ingestion of parasites Ingestion of toxins Blockage of the digestive tract


Some of the nutrients that dogs may be deficient in include: Iron Zinc Calcium Vitamin A

Nutritional deficiencies

If your dog is bored, you should try to provide them with more exercise and stimulation. Some ways to do this include: Taking them for walks Playing fetch Giving them chew toys


In some cases, dogs may eat dirt because of a medical condition. Some of the medical conditions that can cause dogs to eat dirt include: Pica Intestinal parasites Liver disease

Medical conditions

There are a few things you can do to prevent your dog from eating dirt: Make sure they are getting enough nutrients in their diet. Keep them entertained and stimulated.

How to prevent?

Dogs eating dirt is a common behavior, but there are a few reasons why they do it. If you are concerned about your dog eating dirt, you should talk to your veterinarian.


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