Understanding Your Dog's Alone Time

Dogs, like humans, have their own lives. However, prolonged periods of solitude can lead to stress and anxiety in dogs.

Time Spent Alone

A study showed that dogs left alone for longer periods exhibited stronger responses upon their owner's return, indicating stress release.

The Swiss Study

Dogs may be able to tolerate long periods alone, but it doesn't mean they're relaxed or stress-free. They need companionship and interaction.

Understanding Their Needs

Dog daycare institutions can be scarce and may lack sufficient knowledge about dog behavior, leading to potential behavioral issues.

Dog Daycare Dilemma

Getting a companion dog can help, but it might also double the responsibilities. It's crucial to consider all factors before making this decision.

Companion Dogs

Try to spend as much time as possible with your dog. If you must leave, consider having a friend look after your pet.

Spend Quality Time

When leaving your dog alone, provide them with chew toys or other engaging items. This can help alleviate stress and keep them occupied.

Leave Engaging Toys

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