Truth Behind Pet Health Myths

Fleas can live on your pet even if you don't see them. They spend most of their lifecycle as eggs, larvae, and pupae in the environment.

Fleas on Pets

Treating a sick cat can be as costly as treating a dog. Basic healthcare costs, like X-rays and blood work, are similar for both.

Cat vs Dog Expenses

Pets don't act out of spite. Destructive behavior or inappropriate urination often signals boredom, health issues, or environmental problems.

Pets and Spite

Feeding table scraps can harm your pet. Their digestive system isn't designed for high-fat/high-carb human food, leading to health issues.

Table Scraps and Pets

Shorthaired pets shed as much as longhaired ones. The length of the fur doesn't affect the amount of shedding or allergenicity.

Shorthaired Pets

A warm nose doesn't necessarily mean your pet is sick. Nose temperature is more a reflection of the environment than a health indicator.

Warm Nose Myth

Pets shouldn't lick their wounds. It can lead to infection and tissue irritation. An E-collar can prevent this behavior until the wound heals.

Pets Licking Wounds

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