Top Hurricane Safety Tips for Pets

Preparing in advance with a list of supplies, a bug-out bag, and knowledge of pet-friendly shelters can make things easier during the storm.


Your pet's emergency kit should include food, water, pee pads, medical records, toys, medications, carriers, leashes, a can opener, and a pet first aid kit.

Emergency Kit

Microchipping provides permanent identification for your pet, which is critical during a hurricane. Ensure your pet's microchip information is up to date.


During a hurricane, your pet might be exposed to diseases. Ensure your pets are up to date on vaccinations, especially during hurricane season.


Veterinary clinics may be closed after a storm. Ensure you have a 1- to 2-month supply of your pet’s medications in your bug-out bag.

Stocking Up

Fill out a pet emergency sticker for your front door. This can help rescuers know that pets live inside your home and may need help.

Pet Emergency

Storms can be upsetting to pets. Stock up on anti-anxiety medications and try to remain calm so your pet feels safe too.


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