Top 7 Key Steps Grooming a Standard Poodle

Prevent your Poodle's hair from matting by brushing regularly with a slicker-brush. Baths can be given every four to eight weeks, depending on your dog's activities.

Coat Care

Trims can be given as often as baths. Use clippers with snap-on blades for easy trimming. Remember, any mistakes made will be corrected as the hair grows back.


The same grooming techniques apply whether your Poodle is a companion, performance dog, or show dog. The main difference is the required trims for show dogs.

Show vs. Pet Grooming

Keep your Poodle's nails trim. If you can hear them clicking on the floor, they're too long. You can cut them, use a grinder, or both for a smooth finish.

Nail Care

Ensure your Poodle has something hard to chew on and brush their teeth regularly. Schedule regular dental cleanings with your vet for optimal dental health.

Dental Care

Poodles tend to grow hair in their ears. Clean your dog's ears regularly by plucking or trimming the hair inside. Use an ear-cleaning solution to remove debris.

Ear Care

Grooming and bath time is a great opportunity to examine your Poodle for any changes that may need attention, such as cuts, growths, or parasites.

Grooming Benefits

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