Top 7 Flowers to Grow for a Colorful Summer Garden

Bright and cheerful, sunflowers are iconic summer flowers that thrive when planted in June, bringing a touch of sunshine to your garden.


Zinnias are heat-tolerant flowers that bloom abundantly in June, offering a wide array of vibrant colors and attracting pollinators.


These drought-tolerant flowers are perfect for June gardens, showcasing their daisy-like blooms in various hues.


Cosmos flowers are easy to grow and produce delicate, colorful blooms that add beauty to gardens throughout the summer, starting in June.


Fragrant and visually appealing, lavender is a popular choice for June gardens, attracting bees and providing a soothing ambiance.


With their golden-yellow petals and dark centers, black-eyed Susans bloom profusely in June, creating a stunning display.

Black-eyed Susans

Salvia plants are known for their long-lasting and vibrant flowers, making them a great addition to June gardens for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies.


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