Top 7 Flower Plants That Require Minimal Watering

Drought-tolerant and aromatic, lavender is a low-water plant that adds beauty and fragrance to gardens with minimal watering needs.


With its vibrant colors and fern-like foliage, yarrow is a resilient flower that can thrive in dry conditions with infrequent watering.


Also known as blanket flowers, gaillardia plants are drought-tolerant and display striking, daisy-like blooms with minimal water requirements.


These hardy and drought-tolerant perennials produce vibrant blooms, attracting pollinators while needing minimal watering once established.


Sedum plants are succulents with fleshy leaves that store water, making them ideal for water-wise gardening and requiring little irrigation.


With its silver-gray foliage and lavender-blue flowers, Russian sage is a beautiful, drought-tolerant plant that thrives with minimal watering.

Russian Sage

Ice plants are resilient and drought-tolerant, producing vibrant flowers and succulent foliage that can survive with minimal water.

Ice Plant

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