Top 7 Easy-to-Grow Vegetables for Your Garden

Potatoes are versatile and easy to grow. Harvest new potatoes within six to eight weeks of planting or opt for later harvest varieties.


Onions are a useful cooking ingredient. Plant them in the spring for a harvest in the mid to late summer, depending on your climate.


Okra grows fast and often in warm weather. There are varieties that grow well in chillier northern climates too.


Turnips are an underrated cool-weather vegetable. They make a great alternative to carrots and potatoes in many recipes.


This Asian cabbage is increasingly popular in recipes and grocery stores. It can be propagated from leftover scraps and be ready to harvest within a month.

Bok Choy

Radishes are hardy root vegetables that can be ready for harvest as soon as three weeks after planting.


Pumpkins require a lot of space and a long growing season. They are perfect for those with a large garden space.


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