Top 7 Charming and Fun Facts About Maltese

The Maltese's silken white hair drapes his body in a way couturiers would envy. Their coat falls almost to the floor, adding to their glamorous appearance.

Luxurious Coat

The Maltese has very dark, round eyes rimmed in black, paired with a black button nose. Their long head hair is often tied back with a ribbon, enhancing their charm.

Irresistible Face

The history of the Maltese likely dates back to the Phoenicians. The Greeks of the fourth and fifth century B.C. immortalized the breed in their art.

Ancient Origins

Maltese have learned how to get their way over centuries of companionship with humans. They're known for getting precisely what they want from their owners.

Easy to Spoil

The Maltese is intelligent, lively, and people-focused. They take well to training, especially if it includes treats and praise, making them charming companions.


Maltese are extremely alert and can spring into action if they perceive a threat to their humans. However, it's important to train them not to be overprotective.

Watchdog Abilities

Maltese are agile, talented, and trainable. They enjoy competitive sports like agility and obedience, showcasing their athleticism despite their small size.

Tiny Athletes

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