Top 6 Multicolored Roses In The World

Unveiling the charm of multicolored roses, these flowers offer a vibrant blend of hues, adding a unique touch to your garden.

The Allure of Multicolored Roses

The Ringo Rose, with its vivid banana yellow and bright red ring, is a low-maintenance, disease-resistant variety that blooms throughout summer.

Ringo Rose

The Purple Tiger rose, with its raspberry-red to violet blooms streaked with white, is a sight to behold, albeit a bit high maintenance.

Purple Tiger

The Peace Rose, with its blend of pale butter yellow, cream, and shell pink, offers a subtle yet captivating presence in your garden.

Peace Rose

The Distant Drums rose, with its unusual, distinctive coloring, is a current wedding bouquet favorite, offering a unique blend of colors.

Distant Drums

Joseph's Coat, a dazzling climber, offers a dynamic display of colors, making the most of your vertical garden space.

Joseph's Coat

The Paradise Rose, a standout among lavender roses, offers large lavender blooms edged in bright magenta, adding a head-turning element to your garden.

Paradise Rose

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