Tips To Keep Your Pansies Blooming All Season Long

Pansies thrive best in cooler weather. Plant them in your cool season. They can take frost and snow, making them a great early spring flower.

Cool Weather

To create a visual impact, plant pansies in groups or as a long border at the edge of a garden bed. This will give you more bang for your buck.

Mass Planting

Make sure you crack the roots before you plant. This helps the pansies establish a healthy root system and thrive.

Root Care

Good soil is the key to great gardens. Amend your soil with compost, aged manure, or worm castings to add nutrients and ensure your pansies thrive.

Soil Health

Water your pansies often in the beginning to help establish their roots. Then, lay off the water. They will tell you when they need a drink.


Pansies require the right balance of partial sun and partial shade. Too much sun can cause the edges of the leaves and flowers to get crispy, while too much shade can cause quit blooming.


Be aggressive with pruning. Pinch off or cut the leggy runners to keep pansies compact and bushy. Deadhead spent blooms to promote more healthy blooms.


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