Thunderstorm Safety for Pets: A Guide

Ensure your pets are indoors, remove metal collars, and ensure your pet is microchipped with updated contact info.


Various products can help calm your pet during a storm. From pheromone diffusers for cats to anxiety vests for dogs, find what works best for your pet.

Calming Products

A safe, cozy space can comfort your pet during a storm. Dogs may prefer covered crates, while cats might like hiding spots. Stay calm to help your pet relax.

Safe Space

If caught outside during a storm, find an enclosed structure to wait it out. If that's not possible, crouch low in a field and avoid tall structures.

Caught Outside

During a storm, find an interior room without exterior windows and doors. Avoid areas with plumbing or concrete floors as they can conduct electricity.

Safe Spaces

Wait at least 30 minutes after the last thunder before going outside. Remember, lightning can strike from as far as 10 miles from storm clouds.

After the Storm

While thunderstorms can be scary, the chance of a lightning strike is small. Proper preparation and calmness can help you and your pet weather the storm safely.

Minimizing Risks

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