The Full Wellness Plans for Dogs

Regular wellness exams, vaccines, and screenings can help catch health concerns early, ensuring your pet lives a healthy life.


A dog wellness plan is a type of pet insurance designed to cover routine veterinary expenses, providing high-standard care while controlling costs.


A wellness plan is a type of pet insurance that covers routine veterinary care, vaccinations, screening diagnostics, spay/neuter surgeries and dental cleanings.

Wellness Plan

Wellness plans may cover annual wellness exams, vaccines, microchipping, monthly parasite protection, spay/neuter procedures, and heartworm tests.


With most dog insurance policies, you pay the entire bill at the time of treatment, then submit the claim to your insurance company.


The cost of wellness plans varies, ranging from $20 to $50 on average for dogs.

Wellness Plans

Wellness plans provide consistent care for your dog, making it more likely you'll keep up with important yearly checkups.


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