The Best Training Time for Puppies: A Guide

Training can begin when puppies are a few months old. Early training helps correct bad habits and tames puppies more effectively.

Early Training

The golden period for training is between 3-8 months. Puppies are intelligent and can remember actions after a single demonstration.

The Golden Section

Training requires patience. Puppies, like children, can easily get tired and distracted. Short training sessions with rewards work best.

Patience is Key

Training should be done in moderation. Five times a day is generally sufficient. Overtraining can be counterproductive.

Training Frequency

Puppies need time to adapt to new environments. Allow them to settle in before starting training sessions.

Adapting to New Environments

Training should be gradual. Start with basic behavioral exercises and gradually introduce more complex movements as the puppy grows.

Gradual Training

Utilize training tools like the Rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness and Portable Dog Treat Bags to make training more effective and enjoyable.

Training Tools

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