The Best Melon Varieties for Your Garden

The Amy melon is a high-yielding, early canary melon cultivar. It's smaller than typical canaries and fragrant white flesh. It's sweet with a firm texture and matures in 70-80 days.

Amy Melon

Bodacious is a hybrid honeydew known for its early harvest and exquisite flavor. It produces large, smooth-skinned fruits with creamy green flesh that's sweet, juicy, and soft.

Bodacious Melon

Creme de la Creme is a hybrid melon producing six-pound fruits with a yellowish-orange rind. The pale orange flesh is sweet and spicy. It matures in 75 days.

Creme de la Creme Melon

Earli-Dew is an early maturing hybrid honeydew. It produces round fruits weighing two to three pounds with thick, pale green, and very sweet flesh. It matures in around 80 days.

Earli-Dew Melon

It bears fruits that weigh around two pounds with dark green and netted rind. The pale green flesh is fine-grained, tasty, and very sweet. It matures in just 70 days.

Gallo Melon

Kajari is a beautiful melon from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. It has green flesh that has a creamy texture, is musky and sweet. It matures in approximately 70 days.

Kajari Melon

Mango is a hybrid melon bred for early maturity, cool weather tolerance, and sweetness. It bears fruits that weigh four to five pounds and have yellow skin.

Mango Melon

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