Storing Your Harvest Without a Root Cellar

Not everyone has access to a root cellar. But there are other ways to store your harvest effectively.

The Need for Storage

Look for a cool, dry place in your house. This could be a closet, a corner of the cellar, or even an unheated mudroom.

Finding a Cool, Dry Place

Different vegetables require different storage conditions. Understanding these can help prolong the life of your harvest.

Storing Different Vegetables

Root crops like beets and carrots prefer cold, moist conditions. They can be stored in damp sand or peat moss.

Cold and Moist Storage

Apples, pears, and potatoes prefer colder but drier conditions. They need extra air circulation to keep them dry.

Cold and Dry Storage

Onions and garlic prefer cool, dry conditions. They can be stored in a dry, unheated spare room or closet.

Cool and Dry Storage

Sweet potatoes and winter squash prefer slightly warmer conditions. They can be kept in a dry basement or closet in the home.

Slightly Warmer and Dry Storage

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