Stop Your Puppy from Peeing Indoors

House-training your puppy can be challenging. Understanding their bladder control and learning their signals can help prevent indoor accidents.


Puppies can hold their urine for hours equal to their age in months plus one. As they grow older, their bladder control improves.

Bladder Control

Use positive reinforcement when your puppy successfully urinates outside. Praise and treats can encourage good behavior.


Puppies show signs when they need to go out. These can include crying, pawing at the door, pacing, or abrupt changes in activity.


When you first start to leave your puppy alone, do not leave her for longer than 30 minutes at a time. Gradually increase this time as she gets used to it.

Puppy Alone

Crate training can help prevent accidents when you're gone. Puppies are less likely to have an accident in an appropriately sized crate.

Crate Training

Never punish your puppy for peeing in the house. Instead, use patience, perseverance, and positive reinforcement for successful house-training.

No Punishment

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