Stop Puppy Whining in Crate

Puppies often whine in their crates because they are scared, lonely, or need to go to the bathroom. This can be frustrating for owners.


The first step is to make the crate a safe space for your puppy. Put a comfortable bed or blanket in the crate, and leave a few toys inside

Safe Space

Another way to make the crate a positive experience is to feed your puppy in the crate. This will help your puppy associate the crate with good things.


 Don't expect your puppy to be able to stay in the crate for long periods of time at first. Start by crating your puppy for short periods of time.


If your puppy starts whining, it's important not to give in to them. If you do, they will learn that whining is the way to get out of the crate.


Crate training takes time and patience. Don't get discouraged if your puppy doesn't get it right away. Just keep at it, and eventually they'll learn to love their crate.

Be Patient

Your puppy from whining in their crate, you can get help from a professional dog trainer. A trainer can help you create a training plan that is right for your puppy.


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