Stop Dogs from Chewing: The Guide

Dogs can cause destruction due to various motivations. It could be normal behavior or complex anxieties requiring professional consultation.


Become a behavior detective. Observe how, what, and when your dog destroys things to prevent future incidents.


Dogs primarily use teeth and claws for destruction. The objective may not always be destruction but achieving a different goal.

Teeth and Claws

What your dog destroys and where it's located can give insights into the underlying motivation or reason for the destruction.

What and Where

Understanding when your dog destroys things can help you manage the situation better. It could be when you're not paying attention or when you're away.

Destruction Happen

Any dog chewing things should be evaluated by a vet to rule out underlying medical reasons like dental problems, pain, or even pica.

Medical Issues

If your dog destroys things when left alone, it could be due to separation anxiety. Seek help from a vet if this is the case.

Rule Out Anxiety

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