Shade-Loving Annuals: A Guide

A favorite bedding plant, impatiens can be used for mass planting in the landscape or quick color spots for your planters and window boxes.


Shade-loving flowers, begonias are high on your list. There are many different types to choose from: the frilly, double blooms of Nonstop® begonias, the compact Rieger begonias, and more.


Browallia has flowers in shades of periwinkle blue, white or violet set on compact, mounding plants. It does not need deadheading and blooms throughout the season.


Lobelia withstands the mid-summer heat and sun much better than their older cousins yet still perform well in partial shade.


Wishbone flower offers the shade gardener an easy-care addition for baskets and planters. It has multi-colored, snapdragon-type flowers that are prolific in partial shade.

Wishbone Flower

Fragrant and surprisingly drought tolerant, woodland tobacco is a show-stopping annual that often self-sows. Its 4-5’ tall stems support clusters of tubular white flowers.

Woodland Tobacco

Be careful not to allow the plants to dry out and remove the seed pod after the petals fall to encourage more flowers.


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