Root Cellars: Types, Advantages, and Storage Tips

Root cellars are making a comeback. They're essential for storing root vegetables and preserving their quality.

The Revival of Root Cellars

A root cellar uses the earth's natural properties to store food. It's a time-tested storage method.

What is a Root Cellar?

Root cellars offer food security, energy efficiency, and a supply of quality vegetables all year round.

Advantages of Root Cellars

A root cellar needs to maintain a temperature of 32º to 40ºF and a humidity level of 85 to 95 percent.

Root Cellar Requirements

From basement cellars to hole-in-the-ground cellars, there are various types of root cellars to suit your needs.

Types of Root Cellars

Temperature stability, good ventilation, and proper insulation are key to maintaining a cool root cellar.

Keeping Your Root Cellar Cool

Stock your root cellar late in the season, handle vegetables with care, and check your vegetables regularly.

Tips for Storing Your Harvest

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