Quickly Teach Your Dog to Shake Paws

Many dogs can learn to shake hands. This basic training action is a fun way to interact with your pet and reinforce obedience.

Basic Training

Start by having your dog sit facing you. Extend a hand and issue a "handshake" command. If the dog lifts a paw, hold it, shake gently, and say "hello."

The Handshake Command

Always reward your dog for correctly responding to the command. This reinforces the behavior and encourages your dog to repeat it.

Rewarding the Action

If your dog doesn't lift its paw, gently push its shoulder to shift its weight. Grab the lifted paw, shake it, and give the "hello" command.

Encouraging the Lift

Shaking paws is more than a trick. It's a way to emotionally connect with your dog. When happy, dogs often offer their paw for a handshake.

Emotional Communication

Start by rewarding any paw movement. Gradually encourage your dog to lift its paw higher until it can complete a full paw shake.

Stage-by-Stage Training

Once your dog can consistently shake paws, delay rewards until it performs a perfect grip. This refines the behavior and ensures a clear handshake.

Perfecting the Grip

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