Purple Majesty: Top Purple Flowers for Your Garden

Purple, a symbol of royalty and elegance, is a favorite among gardeners and designers. It can evoke calm or create excitement and drama.

The Elegance of Purple Flowers

Purple harmonizes with most colors, creating a sophisticated effect. It can cool the heat of summer or create visual tension with contrasting shades.

Harmonizing with Purple

Lavender is a classic purple flower. Its calming scent and beautiful blooms make it a garden favorite.


Spiderwort is a great plant with purple foliage. It adds a touch of elegance and interest to any garden.


Coral Bells, with their purple foliage, are a beautiful addition to any garden. They're perfect for adding a touch of royalty to your landscape.

Coral Bells

A garden filled with purple flowers can create a sense of calm or excitement. Use basic principles of color theory to achieve your desired effect.

Creating a Purple Garden

Purple is versatile and sophisticated. Whether you want to evoke a sense of calm or create a dramatic effect, purple flowers are a great choice.

The Versatility of Purple

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