Puppy's First Christmas: 7 Safety Tips

Celebrating your puppy's first Christmas is exciting. However, the holiday season brings potential hazards for your curious pup.

First Christmas

Keep an eye on unattended drinks during holiday celebrations. Dogs may be tempted to sample them, leading to alcohol poisoning.

Beware of Cocktails

Table scraps from the Christmas feast can be harmful. Avoid giving your puppy raisins, yeast dough, sugar-free candy, macadamia nuts, and fatty foods.

Food Hazards

While poinsettias are not seriously harmful, mistletoe can be. Large ingestions can cause cardiovascular and possibly neurologic signs.

Toxic Holiday Plants

During holiday festivities, ensure your puppy has a quiet, secure place to relax. Consider crate training your pup before the holidays.

Provide a Safe Space

Christmas trees pose risks to puppies. Secure ornaments, hide wires, prevent access to tree water, and clean up tree needles regularly.

Christmas Tree Safety

Inform your guests about proper interaction with your puppy. Ask them not to feed your pet any human food or beverages and to secure their luggage.

Educate Your Guests

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