Puppy-Proofing Your Home: A Comprehensive Guide

Before bringing home a new puppy, ensure your house is safe and protected from normal puppy behaviors. This can prevent puppies from sniffing out trouble.


Start puppy-proofing inside the house. Secure trash cans, cover electrical wires, secure heavy furniture, and tie up window treatments.

Inside the House

Evaluate your indoor plants as some can be toxic for puppies. Store all human and pet medications out of reach to prevent accidental ingestion.

Plants and Medications

Hygiene items in bathroom trash cans can be hazardous. Secure cleaning supplies in cabinets, even if they are labeled as having natural ingredients.

Cleaning Supplies

Move any small or sharp objects out of reach. Dog gates can be lifesavers, reducing the space your puppy has access to and making it easier to puppy-proof.

Small Objects

Secure windows and doors as they can be major dangers for new puppies. Check the fence in your yard for weak spots and secure garage and yard supplies.

Doors and the Yard

Check for toxic flowers and plants in the yard. Set up a shady rest area for your puppy and always supervise them outdoors.

Outdoor Safety

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