Proper Etiquette for Interacting with Service Dogs

They are lifelines for their handlers, performing tasks that enable them to live more independently.

Dogs' Role

Service dogs are often identifiable by vests or patches. However, the ADA doesn't require this. They are usually leashed, harnessed, or tethered in public.


They learn basic obedience, leash manners, and specific tasks to assist their handlers.


Service dogs perform lifesaving tasks such as guiding a blind person, alerting a patient to low blood sugar.

Lifesaving Tasks

It's crucial to respect the boundaries of service dogs. Distractions can prevent them from performing their tasks, potentially endangering their handlers.


The best way to respect a service dog's work is to ignore them completely. No petting, calling, or staring. This allows them to focus on their job.

Ignoring Service Dogs

It may prevent them from alerting their handler to a health issue or cause an accident. Always respect service dogs.


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