Preventing and Recognizing Pet Heat Stroke

Obese and short-nosed dogs are more prone to heat stroke. Owners of these breeds should take extra precautions during hot weather.

Heat Stroke Risk

Symptoms include high body temperature, purple blood spots on skin and gums, red or blue-violet gums, gasping, excessive drooling, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Heat Stroke Symptoms

Prevent heat stroke by never leaving your pet in a hot car, providing enough water, ensuring shade outdoors, and avoiding walks during peak heat.

Preventive Measures

Consider shaving long-haired pets for the summer, but keep a certain length to protect their skin from sunburn.

Pet Grooming

If your pet shows signs of heat stroke, remove them from the hot area, provide cold water, cool them with cold water, and take them to the vet.

Heat Stroke First Aid

Use tools like a Dog Cooling Mat to help your pet stay cool during the summer months.

Cooling Tools

After initial first aid, take your pet to the vet for further treatment to ensure they recover fully from the heat stroke.

Vet Visit

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