Preserving Flowers: Drying and Pressing Techniques

Dive into the world of flower preservation. Learn the art of keeping your favourite blooms vibrant and beautiful for a long time through drying and pressing techniques.


The hanging method is a popular flower drying technique. Hang bunches of flowers upside down in a dark, dry area for several weeks until they're completely dried.

Drying Flowers

Desiccants, such as silica gel or sand, can be used to dry flowers. This method preserves the shape and colour of the flowers beautifully.

Drying Flowers

Pressing flowers in a book is a traditional method. Place the flower between two sheets of paper inside a heavy book. Wait a few weeks, and voila!

Pressing Flowers

A flower press is a tool designed specifically for pressing flowers. It applies even pressure, resulting in flat, well-preserved blooms perfect for art and crafts.

Pressing Flowers

Some flowers preserve better than others. Thin, flat blooms, like pansies, and sturdy flowers, like roses, are great choices for preservation.

Right Flowers

Preserving flowers allows you to hold onto cherished memories. Whether in crafts, decor, or keepsakes, enjoy the lasting beauty of your favourite blooms.

Preserving Flowers

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