Perennial Flowers That Thrive In Sunlight

Allium is a sun-loving perennial that adds a tall, bulbous look to your garden in late spring. It thrives in dry to medium soil and grows up to 24 inches tall.


Black-Eyed Susan is a heat-loving perennial that thrives in sweltering temperatures. It blooms from June to October, providing a vibrant yellow color to your garden.

Black-Eyed Susan

Blanket Flower is a fast-growing perennial that attracts butterflies and bees. It offers vibrant rings of red and gold, providing a spectacular summer color to your garden.

Blanket Flower

Blazing Star is a native prairie wildflower that produces unique purple blooms attracting butterflies. It's a great addition to any landscape with low maintenance and upright growth habit.

Blazing Star

Brown-Eyed Susan blooms later than its relative, the Black-Eyed Susan, but offers lengthier stems and a bushier growth habit.

Brown-Eyed Susan

It attracts hummingbirds and butterflies, and its pink and purple flowers look fabulous with low-lying summer bloomers in shades of yellow.


English Lavender is a fragrant and beautiful perennial that can withstand the hot summer sun and dry conditions.

English Lavender

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