Peggy Martin Rose: The Symbol of Beauty

The 'Peggy Martin' rose, a survivor of Hurricane Katrina, is a symbol of resilience and beauty.

Peggy Martin Rose

This rose is a fast grower, reaching lengths of 30'-40' long, covering structures in just a few years.

Vigorous Growth Habit

Withstanding flooding and saltwater submersion, this rose is a testament to survival and resilience.

Amazing Resilience

Surprisingly, the 'Peggy Martin' rose can survive the winters of zone 4, with a cold tolerance down to -28.8°F.

Cold Tolerance

This sturdy plant is rarely affected by pests or diseases, making it a low-maintenance choice for gardeners.

Pest and Disease Resistant

This Southern Belle tolerates heat and drought, thriving in well-drained soil and appreciating supplemental irrigation during dry periods.

Drought Tolerance

In spring, the entire vine can be covered in sweet, petite pink rose blooms, with a second bloom expected in the fall.

Prolific Bloomer

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