Orchids in Hanging Baskets: The Full Guide

Orchids, typically seen on tables, can be perfect hanging plants, mimicking their natural tree-dwelling habit.

A New Perspective

Epiphytic orchids, like Cattleya, Phalaenopsis, and Oncidium, are ideal for hanging baskets due to their air plant nature.

Choosing the Right Orchid Variety

Choose a container that allows excellent drainage and air circulation, crucial for the health of epiphytic orchids.

Selecting the Right Container

Use a potting mix that provides excellent drainage and air circulation, such as pre-mixed orchid bark.

The Right Potting Media

Secure your orchid in its hanging basket until it roots, using orchid clips or floral wire to keep it steady.

Securing Your Orchid

Orchids prefer filtered or indirect light, mimicking the light conditions of their natural tree-dwelling environment.

Lighting Needs

Establish a watering schedule and ensure a humidity level above 50% for your orchids to thrive.

Watering and Humidity

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