Lungwort: How to Plant, Grow and Care

Unassuming yet beautiful, Lungwort is a perennial ground cover that blooms early in spring with pink flowers turning purple.

Lungwort's Charm

Named for its medicinal use in treating lung ailments, Lungwort's changing floral colors attract pollinators, making it a garden favorite.

Historical Significance

With 25 species in the Pulmonaria genus, Lungwort offers a variety of beautiful features, from narrow-leaf species to popular hybrid varieties.

Cultivation Variety

Lungwort is a fuss-free perennial that thrives in part-sun to full-shade conditions, making it a versatile addition to your garden.

Planting and Growing

Lungwort is low-maintenance, but it may show signs of powdery mildew. Regular trimming and proper care can keep it healthy and attractive.

Maintenance Tips

Lungwort is a great filler plant, adding lushness to your garden. It pairs well with Hostas, Coral Bells, Astilbe, and Creeping Jenny.

Designing with Lungwort

Lungwort varieties offer different leaf shapes, sizes, and patterns. 'Spot On', 'Trevi Fountain', and 'Raspberry Frost' are among the favorites.

Varieties to Explore

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