Know About The Frostbite in Dogs

Frostbite is tissue damage caused by extreme cold. It happens when blood flow to the affected area is significantly decreased.


The most commonly affected areas are those furthest from the heart including ear tips, tail, toes, nose, and scrotum.

Affected Areas

Frostbite can lead to complications like infection or gangrene. If suspected, take your dog to an emergency vet immediately.


Symptoms include pain when touched, cold, brittle-feeling skin, discolored skin, swelling, and redness once tissue is warmed.


Frostbite can occur at freezing or below temperatures. Factors like dog's size, age, health status, and weather conditions affect onset.


Frostbite is diagnosed based on physical examination findings. The presence of discolored and/or devitalized tissue indicates frostbite.


Keep dogs indoors during cold weather. If they do spend time outside, they must have access to warm, dry bedding in a wind-protected area.

Preventing Frostbite

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