Know About Dog's Training Lapses

Dogs might seem to forget their training when asked to perform familiar tasks in unfamiliar situations. The behavior you taught might be very specific to certain scenarios.


Help your dog increase his stay fluency by imagining different scenarios where a stay would be helpful and work towards achieving them as a team.

Stay Fluency

Just like a foreign language learner might struggle in a new country, dogs can struggle with commands in new environments.

Real World Challenge

Sometimes, the environment can trump the trainer. Your dog might be too distracted by the surroundings to respond to your commands.

Over Trainer

Ensure your dog's responses are close to perfect in a familiar environment. This foundation training is crucial before moving to more distracting environments.

Foundation Training

If your dog seems to be ignoring a command, consider physical comfort. Some dogs might be uncomfortable sitting on hardwood floors or near noisy equipment.

Comfort Matters

Understanding the how and why behind the refusal can make life easier for both you and your dog.

Not Willful Disrespect

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