Know About Dog Color Vision

Dogs perceive colors differently than humans. They are dichromatic, meaning they can distinguish between two color combinations: yellow and blue.

Color Perception

Color blindness is an inability to differentiate between colors or to see certain colors. Dogs are similar to red-green color blind humans.

Color Blindness

Dogs are good at distinguishing between variations of blues and yellows, but struggle with red and green, which may appear as browns and grays.

Color Blindness

Studies have investigated dog eyes' structure and function, and behavioral studies have tested color vision in dogs using color cues and movements.

How Do We Know?

Dogs see the world through a unique color spectrum. Dominant colors in dog vision are yellow and blue. Red and green probably look like browns and grays.

Colors Dogs Can See

Dogs don't see as clearly as humans and can't differentiate brightness as well. The world may appear a bit muted and fuzzy to them.

Dog Vision vs Human

Dogs excel at detecting motion and can see more clearly in dim light, when having good color vision doesn't offer much of a benefit.


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