Keeping Pets Safe During Gatherings

Social gatherings can be stressful for pets. Recognizing signs of anxiety helps improve their mental well-being.

Pet Anxiety

Excessive panting, pacing, salivation, vocalizations, and hiding are some signs of anxiety in dogs.

Signs of Anxiety

Cats may show anxiety through excessive vocalizations, hiding, decreased appetite, and changes in litter box usage.

Anxiety in Cats

Create a quiet, comfortable safe space for your pet. Train them to retreat to this space when they feel anxious.


Exercise and mentally stimulate your pet before the event. Set up a calming environment with pheromones and supplements.

Day of the Event

Limit guest access to your pet. Check on your pet regularly, providing reassurance and treats.

During the Event

Monitor your pet after the event. If they show signs of prolonged stress, consider seeking professional help.

Post-Event Care

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