Is Christmas Cactus Poisonous to Dogs?

The Christmas cactus is not toxic to dogs. It's an epiphyte, not a traditional cactus, and lacks harmful spines.

Christmas Cactus

Eating a Christmas cactus might trigger vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, or constipation in dogs. If your pet is sensitive or eats a large amount, symptoms could be more severe.


They may recommend monitoring your pet or bringing them in, especially if your pet is very young, old, or has health problems.

What If

While the Christmas cactus is non-toxic, other holiday plants like mistletoe, holly, daffodil, lily, amaryllis, yew, snowdrop, laurel, and poinsettia can be toxic to dogs.


If your pet eats a plant, particularly a toxic one, notify your vet immediately and have the local emergency clinic's number handy.


Choose pet-friendly plants and place potentially irritating plants out of reach. Some plants are best kept out of the house if you have pets.

Keeping Dogs Safe

With a little research, the holiday season can be safe for your pets. Know which plants are safe and who to call if your pet is exposed to a potentially toxic plant.

Holidays with Pets

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