A Fragrant Herb Garden: Dual-Purpose Flowers

Before you bring your new pet home, take some time to prepare your home for both animals. Make sure there are safe places for both the cat and the dog to hide


When you first introduce the two animals, do it in a neutral location, such as a hallway or a spare room. Let them sniff each other through a door or a baby gate.


Once the animals seem comfortable with each other's presence, you can start to allow them to have supervised interactions. 

Supervised Interactions

It's important to be patient when introducing a cat to a dog. It may take some time for the two animals to become friends, but with patience and consistency, it will happen.

Be Patient

If the two animals are not getting along, it may be necessary to separate them for a while. This will give them a chance to calm down and learn to tolerate each other's presence.

Separate Rooms

Use positive reinforcement to help the two animals learn to get along. Reward them for being calm and relaxed around each other, and ignore any negative interactions.


Never force the two animals to interact if they are not comfortable. This will only make the situation worse.

Never Force 

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