Indoor Seed Sowing: A Beginner's Guide

Seeds, tiny miracles that contain everything needed to make a new plant. Start your gardening journey by sowing seeds indoors.

The Magic of Seeds

Starting seeds indoors gives you a head start on the growing season, leading to more fruitful harvests.


Not all seeds should be started indoors. Consider each type of vegetable's growth and your growing location.

Choosing the Right Seeds

Sow seeds at the correct time. Balance between starting too early and too late for the best results.

Timing is Key

For starting seeds, you need a seed-starting mix, containers, and a strong source of light.

Seed-Starting Equipment

Transplant seedlings into their own pots once they have germinated. Handle them carefully to avoid damage.

Transferring Seedlings

Gradually introduce seedlings to outside conditions before planting in the garden, a process known as hardening off.

Hardening Off Seedlings

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