Hypnotizing Chickens: 2 Ways to Calm Birds

Learn two easy techniques to calm your chickens and promote relaxation.

Calming Chickens with Hypnosis

Gently hold your chicken with its head tucked under your palm to induce a relaxed state.

Technique 1 - The Palm Method

Hold your chicken by its legs and gently swing it back and forth to create a calming effect.

Technique 2 - The Swing Method

Hypnosis helps reduce stress, improve egg laying, and make handling easier for veterinary care.

Benefits of Hypnotizing Chickens

Ensure the chicken is comfortable and secure during the hypnosis process to avoid injury.

Safety Precautions

Consistency and patience are key when using hypnosis techniques on chickens.

Practice Makes Perfect

By mastering these techniques, you can create a calm and stress-free environment for your flock.

Enjoy the Benefits

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