How to Train Your Dog for Dock Diving

Dock diving is a dog sport where dogs jump off a dock into a pool of water. The dog that jumps the farthest wins.

Dock Diving

Dock diving is a great way to get your dog exercise and have fun together. It's also a great way to test your dog's athleticism and jumping ability.


The first step is to find a dock diving facility near you. Once you've found a facility, you'll need to purchase a dock diving harness for your dog.

Get Started

The basic training for dock diving is to teach your dog to jump off the dock into the water. You can do this by starting with a small step and gradually increasing the height 


Once your dog is comfortable jumping off the dock, you can start training them to jump farther. You can do this by using a variety of techniques, such as using a target or a lure.

Advanced Training

Once your dog is trained, you can start competing in dock diving competitions. There are competitions held all over the world, so you're sure to find one near you.


There are a few safety tips to keep in mind when dock diving with your dog. Make sure your dog is wearing a dock diving harness and that the harness is properly fitted. 

Safety Tips

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